Sign the National “Just Say No" Declaration!

With the tragic and sudden death of Justice Antonin Scalia, the American people lost a powerful voice for our Constitution. Our nation cannot afford to have him replaced by one of Barack Obama's opportunistic ideological appointments.

Merrick Garland has spent his career fighting to expand the power of government and shrink the liberty of the American people.

If he is confirmed to serve on the Supreme Court, we can expect our liberty to dwindle even further than it already has.

The Senate Republicans have it within their Constitutional power to decline this nomination, and I hereby urge them to do so. In fact, they should not even hold hearings for this nominee.

History, tradition, and the Constitution are on our side. The next president should have the chance to appoint the next Supreme Court justice, not Barack Obama.

Senate Republicans: Just Say No to Barack Obama's Supreme Court nominee!

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