Support free speech!

Students’ speech rights on campus are threatened on a regular basis. But the prospect of standing up to a school can be overwhelming — it can be expensive and time-consuming, which is why most students don’t take action.

But what if students who wanted to stand up for free speech on campus were supported by like-minded supporters AND had the resources to fight back?

That’s where Speech First comes in!

By coming together, we’ve created a nationwide community of free speech supporters to reassure students that they won’t fight these cases alone.

We support students who are standing up for their free speech rights on campus, in the media, and in court.

Speech First is a membership association of students, parents, faculty, alumni, and concerned citizens who’ve had enough of the toxic censorship culture on college campuses and want to fight back.

To help us protect students’ free speech rights on campus through advocacy, litigation, and education, we need your support today of $25, $50, $100, or more.

With your support, we will put colleges and universities on notice that shutting down unwanted speech will no longer be tolerated.

Thank you for your support!