Help protect and preserve our religious liberty!

Almost no institution or person of faith—be it a school, church, business, or non-profit—will escape the reach of the so-called “Equality Act” if it passes.

Will you sign the petition to help stop this disastrous bill and protect religious liberty in America?

While touted as promoting “equality,” this legislation would be more appropriately named the “Inequality Act” … as it would position the government to lord over churches and other faith-based institutions, potentially dictating who they hire, how their facilities are used, and even punishing them for not falling in step with a view of human sexuality that directly contradicts orthodox biblical teaching.

If passed and signed into law, this act would cause a significant loss of religious freedom in America, and every Bible-believing citizen would suffer the consequences.

Please sign the petition to stop the Equality Act and protect religious liberty in America!

National Petition to STOP the Equality Act

To: Members of the United States Senate

As an American of faith, I am raising my voice today to say “NO!” to the Equality Act.

This disastrous legislation isn’t about equality at all, but is a direct attack on faith, family, and freedom, and the religious liberty and conscience protections of all Americans.

The Equality Act attacks the privacy of children in school locker rooms, the rights of parents to raise their children according to their own values, the equality of female athletes by forcing them to compete against boys, the safety of battered women in shelters, the consciences of doctors who refuse to abort babies, the protections of taxpayers to not fund abortions, the freedom of business owners to refuse work that conflicts with their moral values, and the God-given rights of all Americans to live according to their beliefs.

Therefore, I urge you to stop the "Equality" Act!