Stop the International Climate Treaty!

To the United Nations and the sovereign countries of the world:


A climate treaty will confer unprecedented governmental control upon the United Nations, burdening and impairing the sovereignty of individual nations;

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is unduly influenced by activists and pressure groups severely compromising its ability to make rigorous and unbiased scientific assessments;

The scientific basis underlying a climate treaty is reliant on climate computer models that have continually projected vastly warmer temperatures than observations later record, discrediting their ability to usefully project future temperature;

Climate policy distorts the operation of free markets while mandating massive redistributions of wealth that have no bearing on the climate;

The proponents of a climate treaty continually employ slander, propaganda, and distortion while working to silence alternate viewpoints, which is antithetical to both due process and the scientific method;

The economies of the world and the well being of humanity depend on affordable and abundant energy;

Free and prosperous nations are better stewards of nature than nations where people are controlled, oppressed and impoverished;


We call on the United Nations, our national governments, and all sovereign nations of the world to adopt and ratify no new climate treaty and to end all climate-focused restrictions, subsidies, mandates and redistribution.