The Time is Now to Approve Keystone XL – Please Sign CFACT's Petition

To U.S. Department of State, President Barack Obama, and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy:

Whereas: Pipelines are the safest, most efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly way to transport oil over large distances.

Whereas: Keystone XL will create over 20,000 construction, equipment and service jobs during its building phase.

Whereas: Keystone XL will generate tens of billions of dollars in federal, state and local property, sales and income taxes.

Whereas: Claims that Keystone XL will exacerbate global warming are false. Even if one accepts the assumptions of climate computer models, oil sands production contributes only 0.14% of global greenhouse gases and would add an undetectable 0.00001 degrees C per year to global warming.

Whereas: Claims that Keystone XL will be unsafe for drinking water or the environment are likewise false. The United States has a proven track record of operating thousands of miles of similar pipelines without undue environmental impacts.

Whereas: Securing a safe, reliable, affordable supply of oil to power the U.S. economy has been a goal of every U.S. administration for generations. The Keystone XL pipeline is among the best solutions to foster that goal for many years to come.

Therefore: For the foregoing reasons and many more, the United States should permit no further hindrances, end needless delays, and commission no further redundant studies.I ask the United States Government to authorize the Keystone XL pipeline without further delay.