Don't Censor Climate Speech!

Freedom of thought and expression are fundamental rights.

Yet those who advocate the theory of catastrophic man-made global
warming are seeking to censor the opinions of scientists and experts
with whom they disagree.

They are attacking the reputations and careers of scientists and
using fear and intimidation to block meaningful dialogue about the
climate and prevent the public from seeing scientific data and
alternative explanations that contradict their claims.

They are seeking to exclude any facts from classrooms that would
permit students to think and evaluate claims about global warming for

They are seeking to censor the opinions of opposing scientists and
experts from media coverage on television networks and in newspapers.

Sound science requires vigorous debate and consideration of all
data or it deteriorates into dogma.

We therefore call upon government officials, research
institutions, the media, and educators to reject politically
motivated attempts to silence debate on climate change and limit
free speech.