Please sign CFACT's National Petition for Affordable Energy!

To: Gina McCarthy, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

Whereas, the Obama EPA's recently proposed restrictions on coal-fired power plants would virtually prohibit future coal plants from being constructed;

Whereas, the American economy depends on affordable and plentiful energy, and the United States has enough coal to power its economy affordably for centuries to come;

Whereas, these new restrictions are being proposed against the will of the American people via regulation, rather than legislation;

Whereas, these new restrictions are based on overhyped global warming pseudo-science with no basis in scientific fact;

And whereas, they will have a demonstrably disastrous affect on the price of American energy, food, goods, and manufacturing, thus crippling the American economy;

Therefore, I hereby demand that you nullify and rescind these proposed carbon restrictions on new coal-fired power plants immediately!