On proposed rule redefining the Waters of the United States pursuant to the Clean Water Act

"Ditch the rule!"

Statement To President Barack Obama, EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers:

The proposed rule represents an expansion of federal regulatory authority beyond the language and intent adopted by Congress in the Clean Water Act.

The Supreme Court twice rejected attempts by regulators to assert authority over “isolated waters" ruling that waters must have a “a continuous surface connection" or “significant nexus" to navigable waters.

Congress repeatedly voted not to adopt policies similar to those in the proposed rule. If the rule is adopted it usurps congressional authority.

The proposed rule would bring vast amounts of land under federal control adding unnecessary and redundant red tape to areas currently adequately regulated by state and local governments.

EPA's cost-benefit analysis is deeply flawed, employing decades old cost estimates that were not adjusted for inflation, or current economic and market conditions.

We, the undersigned, declare that the proposed rule will place undue regulatory burdens and limitations on people attempting to responsibly use their land, adds new regulatory dead weight to the economy and would produce no meaningful gains for the environment or the nation and should not be promulgated.